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Here’ a music montage that’s a little bit different – it doesn’t contain any music! As you know, many pop and rock songs contain sound effects. If you search long enough, you will also uncover a few songs that contain isolated sound effects (usually right at the beginning). This montage combines isolated sound effects from ten popular songs from the late 1960s to the 1980s. Even though there are no notes, you should be able to identify the songs just from the raw audio itself.

Audio Waveform

Try to guess as many titles and artists as you can, and then list your guesses in the Comments section, below. Also, let me know which ones you find easy or difficult. As always, there are two versions of the montage: the second one contains one second of silence between each audio sample, and the first version doesn’t, which makes it a little more challenging, but a lot more fun!

Sound Effects Montage:

Sound Effects Montage (with gaps):


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